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The attention to detail was very clear, and I’m glad we picked them. Our team was highly satisfied with the deliverables.

Matt Bonnington
Head of Brand


2D Animation

Why make boring videos that nobody will watch when you can create a video that sparks interest, pulls in potential clients, and gets people excited about your products? A great explainer video doesn’t just give information–it entices people to learn more.

3D Animation

A 3D Animations can be simple, but also highly produced. At its core though, every promo video needs to achieve one goal: “Selling” your audience on an idea. It’s called a promo video for a reason!

Video Editing

Video editing is vital to the production of video, and uses an array of applications and techniques. Any material may be edited including documentaries, movies, feature films, music videos and more.

Web Development

Build a beautiful, responsive, custom website in a matter of weeks. We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Capture stakeholder feedback while collecting feedback and planning
Incorporate feedback while planning and building
Coordinate launch readiness while building and launching
Close the loop while launching and collecting feedback

How the magic happens

Accelerate your video development flywheel.


Define project goals, create a concept, set a budget, and establish timelines.


Develop the project, including scripting, design, animation, and sound.


Deliver the final project and assist with its promotion.


Collect client and audience feedback for potential improvements.

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Feedback from our raving fans

If you’re looking for a hard working team, BlueFlag is the way to go!!! 👏👏👏 I’m very happy I decided to work with their amazing team!

Linda Russell
Creative Studio Manager

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