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Specify the key functionalities and features you want your website visitors to accomplish. Whether it's making purchases, submitting inquiries, or accessing resources, identifying these objectives helps us prioritize design elements and enhance user experience.
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Indicate the total number of pages required for your website. This includes both main pages and subpages, such as About Us, Services, Products, Contact, etc.
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Describe the color combinations or palettes you prefer for your website. Whether you have specific brand colors or prefer certain color schemes, your preferences guide the visual design process.
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Share links to 3-4 websites that inspire or resonate with your vision for your own site. This helps us understand your design preferences and style expectations.
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Do you have a logo for your business? If yes, please provide the logo files or specify any guidelines related to its usage and placement on the website.
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Indicate any specific font styles or preferences you have for the website typography. Whether you prefer modern, elegant, or playful fonts, your input guides the selection process.
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Do you currently have a domain name and hosting service for your website? If yes, please provide the relevant details. If not, we can assist you in securing domain and hosting services.
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Would you like us to provide ongoing maintenance services for your website, including updates, backups, and security monitoring? Alternatively, do you prefer to receive training and resources to maintain the website yourself? Let us know your preference.
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